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HWAM 3055 Zero Clearance Fireplace

Like a picture of dancing flames on a wall, this little stove radiates cosiness and warmth into your home...

The wide glass pane elegantly and discreetly creates a frame for the flames.
This insert is for the design-conscious user who wants only the best down to the smallest detail. The width of the combustion chamber provides ample space for big logs.

Zero Clearance fireplaces – are designed to be installed during new home construction, or during renovation.

The Zero Clearance must be installed with a UL or ULC approved high-temperature, factory-built chimney.

Zero clearance fireplaces do not require a trim kit.

HWAM 30/55s - side-hinged door

HWAM 30/55 - lifiting door

DRAWINGS (click image to enlarge)

3055 Zero Clearance Side-swing Door
3055 Zero Clearance Side-swing Door
3055 Zero Clearance Up-swing Door
3055 Zero Clearance Up-swing Door
3055 Zero Clearance Dimensions
3055 Zero Clearance Dimensions


Fresh air system

Color: Black


HWAM AutomaticTM

Technical Specifications

Heat output 13,700-34,000 BTU

Average heat output 20,500 BTU

Flue outlet 6”

Heating capacity 1900 sft.

Efficiency 81%

Weight 216 lbs.

Chimney draft 12 Pa

Firebox size 10”h x 22”w x 12.5”d

Firebox volume 2.01 cubic feet

Emissions US EPS 4.09 g/hr.

Wall clearance 8” to side

Burn time 3-5 hrs.