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 HWAM 3055 Fireplace Insert

The HWAM 3055 Insert has just made enjoying that fire safer and cleaner without sacrificing warmth,
or the enjoyment of watching an evening’s fire burn down into embers.

Fireplace Inserts – are designed to be installed in existing, code approved, wood-burning fireplaces.
The insert is a retrofit for existing fireplaces – the zero clearance is not. An optional HWAM trim kit is
available to close the gap between the insert and the existing fireplace opening.

DRAWINGS (click image to enlarge)

3055 Insert Clearance Side-swing Door
3055 Insert Clearance Side-swing Door
3055Insert Clearance Up-swing Door
3055Insert Clearance Up-swing Door
3055 Insert Dimensions
3055 Insert Dimensions


Fresh air system

Color: Black


HWAM AutomaticTM

Technical Specifications

Heat output 13,700-34,000 BTU

Average heat output 20,500 BTU

Flue outlet 6”

Heating capacity 1900 sft.

Efficiency 81%

Weight 216 lbs.

Chimney draft 12 Pa

Firebox size 10”h x 22”w x 12.5”d

Firebox volume 2.01 cubic feet

Emissions US EPS 4.09 g/hr.

Wall clearance 8” to side

Burn time 3-5 hrs.