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HWAM AutopilotTM

What it does

The patented HWAM AutopilotTM controls three sources of the combustion air supply to maximize heat

output and efficiency while minimizing harmful emissions.


Cleaner combustion – 20% less Carbon Monoxide

= Less impact on the environment and your health

More efficient combustion – up to 30% more efficient

= More heat for your money

= Less wood burned

= Less heat up the chimney – 40% less!

Less soot in the chimney and appliance

= Better fire safety

= Less cleaning and maintenance

Easy operation

= No need to adjust the controls during operation, just, “Set it and forget it.”

All modern wood-burning stoves provide adequate, efficient combustion. Unfortunately, not all stove

owners know how to operate their wood-burning stoves to the optimum


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How it works

The thermostatic spring moves the control arm, which regulates the 3 sources of combustion

air to maintain a constant temperature in the combustion chamber.

Thermostatic Spring





Automatic Exploded for FS


automatic labeled photo

AutopilotTM on the HWAM 3055